Rachmaninoff Festival Choir of America (RFCA)

Elizabeth Ledkovsky — Executive Director

Founded in 2010 in memory of the great Russian émigré composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, the Rachmaninoff Festival Choir of America (RFCA) is at once a volunteer, professional‐quality performing ensemble and the organizing agency for projects such as the International Rachmaninoff Russian Music Festival.

RFCA’s mission is to support and unify the musical talents of the Russian Diaspora and to strengthen cultural and spiritual ties between Russia and America, at the highest levels of artistry. We pursue this mission through cultural and religious programs directed at broad audiences, in the U.S. and abroad.

From the outset, youth participation has been an important element of our programming. We invite budding singers as young as 13 to rehearse and sing with the choir, both in church during divine services and on the concert stage. We know our future lies in the hands of those who succeed us, and so, we strive to foster the love of Russia and her culture that nurtured us and continues to inspire us. We are growing, artistically and as an institution, and we invite you to grow with us.